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It's Time To Ask Yourself...What's Next?
Clothes, music, cars... it can be tough paying for the stuff you need now, let alone
trying to save money for what's next. No worries. We have a plan. It's called the
nextgen savings program. Developed specifically for teens (ages 12-17) this
unique program gives nextgen members tons
of options to manage their money. With a
nextgen savings account you'll get a personal
savings passbook to keep track of balances
and transactions. And when you make your
first deposit – we'll spot you a $5 bonus!*
C-op Services Credit Union
Saving money with nextgen is a no-brainer.
     No account fees
     Interest earned on balances of $5 and up
     Quarterly dividends
     Certificates starting at $100 for 30 months (Penalty for early withdrawal)
     Special Accounts for spring break, prom, etc.
     Access your savings account from anywhere at anytime

     Save or splurge your $5 welcome bonus.
    nextgen TRACKit - Record transactions using this convenient credit
      card-sized register and keep on track for what's next.
     Welcome gifts - You can't beat free stuff!
So...What's Next?
That's all up to you! All you have to do is open a nextgen savings account with a minimum $5 deposit (matched by Zeal) and you're in! Be sure to bring your Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, and a qualified adult with identification to co-sign on the account.

If you have any questions, send us an email or call us at 800-321-8570.

* A qualified adult member is required to be co-applicant on all minor accounts and is responsible
  for the account. The $5 match is made once an equal or greater amount is deposited into a new
  nextgen account